Promotional Campaign

Excellent Know-How Marketing Skills

The organizers offer an intensive planned promotional & advertising campaign to attract the attention of the medical professionals and related bodies. The campaign will cover the following advertisement tools:

  1. TV Advertisement
  2.  Radio Advertisement
  3. Newspapers publications
  4. publications in Specialized Medical Magazine ( Local + International )
  5. Street Banners. ( Flex & Electro )  
  6. Direct Invitations.
  7. Special invitations given to exhibitors to be sent to their clients.
  8.  Intensive mailing campaign is dedicated to embassies and the commercial attaché and foreign trade missions in addition to direct invitations to all doctors and managers of public and private hospitals in Syria and to major traders, businessmen, owners of medical equipment companies, pharmaceutical & laboratories and all medical personnel.
  9. All Type of up to date medical search engines & social media channels.