Exhibition Space Contract

Booth space including Shell Scheme (Minimum space 9 sqm).

(For Organiser Use only)

Booth space only (Minimum space 21 sqm).
50% deposit is due upon signing the contract.

X €300 Total
X €280 Total

We have read and understood the general terms and conditions overleaf and undertake to be bound by and observe them.
( The General Terms & Conditions )

Please return this form to the organisers:
United for Int’l Exhibitions & Conferences
P. O. Box: 6454 Damascus – Syria
Tel.: 00963-11-33 12 123 / Fax: 00963-11-33 12 423
E-mail: syrianmedicare1@gmail.cominfo@syrianchemex.comunited.exh@mail.sy