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About Us

Who we are

Founded in 1991, Platinum Inc. has since become a market leader in software development and network applications. Our goal is simple: Client satisfaction is our priority.
Platinum Inc. worked on many projects, in diverse sections of the market. That includes graphic designing, Web Development, Networking, Security, Custom Software Development and many others. Platinum Inc. was one of the first companies to provide quality-hosting services to the local market.


What We Do

With partnership of "ElcomSoft", Platinum Inc. supplies a range of tools for computer and mobile forensics. Our tools are fully accountable and forensically sound, and require no steep learning curve and no special trainings or certifications. Evidence extracted or recovered with ElcomSoft tools is admissible in the court. Expert-level support, concise maintenance and update policies make our products a solid investment.

Password Recovery Bundle:

Comprehensive range of tools for unlocking access to many types of data, recovering passwords and decrypting encrypted files and volumes. The company’s range of mobile forensic products enable forensically sound extraction of evidence from a wide range of smartphones and cloud services

Mobile Forensic Bundle:

The complete mobile forensic kit in a single pack. Perform physical, logical and over-the-air acquisition of smartphones and tablets, break mobile backup passwords and decrypt encrypted backups, view and analyze information stored in mobile devices

Distributed Password Recovery:

Break complex passwords, recover strong encryption keys and unlock documents in a production environment.

iOS Forensic Toolkit:

Perform physical and logical acquisition of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. Image device file system, extract device secrets (passwords, encryption keys and protected data) and decrypt the file system image.
Platinum Inc. offers competent and reliable web hosting services for individuals, small businesses and large companies. We offer a broad range of web hosting solutions to fit your needs.


Platinum Inc. respects quality work, and we could not afford to run a cheaper platform. Our hosting platform specifications are quite high-end; otherwise, we would not have been able to deliver a high quality hosting experience


All our servers are constantly monitored and are put to regular backup. If any errors occur, we are immediately notified and our staff is always available to fix any trouble that might occur


Your privacy matters to us. Even though your files are hosted on our servers, you can rest assured that nobody can get access to your files. All your passwords and email data are stored in an encrypted format that makes it very difficult to crack or retrieve.


We understand that the easier it is for you to get technical support, the happier you are. That is why our technical experts are ready to help you with any technical enquiries you may have. We offer both email and phone support.
Platinum Inc. offers a comprehensive web solution to fit every corporate or individual need in terms of visual expression and functionality.As a unified team of professional designers and programmers, our purpose is to present more than the average websites. We strive to design and develop uniquely customized state-of-the-art websites assembled by cutting-edge technology.

Website Maintenance

Platinum Inc. maintains your website so it always runs smoothly and provide full support for every website's growth in relation to the constant advancement in Internet Technology.

Website Development

Websites are developed using the latest technology. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques are implemented in all of our codding to make sure your website is search engine friendly.

Content Management System

We custom-build Content Management System (CMS) to accommodate clients with efficient personal control over their website content. Training and assistance to operate the system are also administered.

Website Design

Design is fully customized by Platinum Inc. creative designers to serve each client's unique need.
With the advancement of smartphones and wireless devices, we build Mobile Website and application for those who aim to reach target consumers through this type of platform.

Mobile Site Design & Development

Responsive web design is a way of making a single website that works effectively on both desktop browsers and the mobile devices. Responsive architecture gives the best quality browsing experience whether on a smartphone, tablet, netbook or e-reader, and regardless of the operating system.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile applications are highly popular today and the demand of mobile apps is increasing rapidly. Platrinum Inc. offers mobile application development services for android, iPhone. With advanced tools and technology our mobile apps developers are able to create highly customized mobile applications for consumer needs and enterprises.

You are special, your business is special

your business is special

How We Do It

Each one of our customers is a special customer and we make sure they are treated this way. Our team takes all the required information, studies and analyzes it, in order to produce exactly what reflects our clients' image and their corporate identity.


  • Platinum Inc. is always looking for worldwide partners. Our products are currently distributed over the Middle East area and we are planning to expand this and take to an International level.

    If you are interested in partnership with Platinum Inc., please do not hesitate to contact us , we will be glad to hear from you.

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Our Team

We are small group of people, and we are proud of it. With only 25 people to manage, you do not have to go through any corporate bureaucracy. We are very passionate about what we do, and we strive to do it well.
Our team consists of highly specialized developers, system administrators, network experts, and designers. You can rest assured you are in safe hands.

Client satisfaction is our priority

Our goal is simple

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